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Dog Training

Dog Training

Dog Training

Dog Training

What challenges are you facing?

Even though many breeds can have similar characteristics, dogs don't come with an owner's manual. You may feel like you're at a loss for what your dog needs to get to the next level in training. Let us help connect you to training success!

Experienced training

At DJ's K9 Country, our team is experienced to get results. We work with your dog to bring out its positive traits. Your dog will be directed gently to learn the proper way to behave and focus when needed.

We get to the root of the behavior issues you may be experiencing with your dog.


Our team is committed to humane treatment and training that leads to successful results.

Call DJ's K9 Country for more information on behavioral

training services.


A range of dog training services

We offer a range of training services including one-on-one obedience and pre-hunting obedience. Contact us today for more information.

Behavioral training